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About Us

Marie-Christine Loiseau Marie-Christine Loiseau has worked as an educator, entrepreneur, writer, translator, and manager in the fields of investment and intellectual property. She raised her two sons in Paris, Vermont, and New York. She now lives in the Washington, DC area where, besides practicing astrology and giving nutritional advice as a Certified Nutritionist, she spends time with her grandchildren.

Laveta Piemme Laveta Piemme lives in State College, Pa. where she raised her son, and where she now lives with her husband. She not only has the Astrological Consultation practice with Marie-Christine, but also is a Consulting Hypnotist, EFT and Martrix Reimprinting practitioner, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her Holistic practice: http://www.spiralofwisdom.com/

Marie-Christine has taught at, and Laveta is still on the faculty of the International Academy of Astrology, an internationally recognized certification program for astrologers: http://www.astrocollege.org/

After practicing astrology individually for several years, laveta and Marie Christine developed different styles and approaches to astrological insight. By accident, they discovered that they brought complementary perspectives to astrological interpretation. Where one sees underlying issues and challenges, the other sees possibilities and opportunities. Clients find they receive a richer, more meaningful experience because of what each brings to the interpretation, and laveta and Marie-Christine find that their combined practice gives depth and vigor to their own understanding of astrology.

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