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Who Am I? The Natal Chart Profile:
Your Psychological Profile
  Why is This Happening? Transits and Progressions: The Phases of Your Life

The Natal Chart is a map, a blueprint of all the potentials and challenges that make up who you are, as symbolized by the position and relationships of the planets as you took your first breath. An interpretation of your natal chart can help you identify the parts of you that are strong and well-developed as well as help you devise strategies to deal with those aspects of your nature that are more difficult and challenging.


As planets move in their orbits, they continually form a relationship with your natal chart, indicating important trends and issues in your life, which you can experience as events or as psychological changes happening within you. An interpretation of the movement of the planets around your natal chart, as well as other techniques used to determine life phases, can help you understand what energies are flowing through you at a particular point in time and how that knowledge can help you make choices that are appropriate for this moment in your life.

What's Next Solar Returns:
Your Personal New Year
  What is my connection to this person? Chart Comparison: Relationships

Each year on your birthday, the Sun returns to the exact place it was when you were born and marks the beginning of a personal new year. A solar Return chart will identify the developing themes and issues for the next year and give you some idea of what to expect in particular areas of your life. We recommend this consultation two or three weeks before your birth date as a kind of annual "tune up."


When two people come together in any type of relationship, their natures come into direct contact. A chart comparison will give you insight into how you and another person enhance or challenge each other and help you turn the relationship into a conscious growth experience with an awareness of both parties' needs, desires, strengths, and vulnerabilities.

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